AIAS Code of Ethics

The purpose of this code is to:

State the values that guide our practice and conduct and enable us as a profession to uphold the dignity and reputation of the Institute by applying the highest standards of conduct, honesty and integrity in professional behaviour.

The members of the institute are expected to adhere to the tenets of the Code of Ethics.

Members will;

  1. Facilitate and promote teaching, learning and research of the anatomical sciences, including but not restricted to, human and veterinary anatomy, histology, pathology and forensic medicine.
  2. Uphold and adhere to the legislative requirements of their respective state or territory within Australasia in regard to the receipt, storage, transferal and disposal of human and animal remains.
  3. Protect the identity of donors and their families.
  4. Show respect and compassion when dealing with donors, donors’ families and when handling deceased remains.
  5. Provide professional support to other members.
  6. Act in a professional and dignified manner at all times.
  7. Share information and innovations for the benefit of other members and their employers whilst protecting the intellectual property and copyright of contributors.
  8. Encourage collaboration and sharing of knowledge amongst professional, academic and administrative staff.
  9. Encourage and facilitate professional development in the anatomical sciences.
  10. Treating each other with courtesy and respect and valuing the input of colleagues through the sharing of expertise and knowledge in a variety of collaborative contexts.
  11. Educate professional peers, colleagues and the wider general public about anatomical practices within educational and research facilities.
  12. To use resources, including information and communication technology resources, in a lawful and ethical manner.
  13. Accept a responsibility for maintaining and improving the standards of the profession.
  14. Abide by the Constitution, Operating Rules and Policies of the Australian Institute of Anatomical Sciences and to support to the best of my ability any meetings or gathering arranged by them.
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