Welcome to the AIAS

The Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences was formed to enhance and disseminate the skills of those engaged in medical embalming, tissue preservation and conversion, prosecting and anatomy laboratory management. Also of those who directly or indirectly support the teaching of, and research into, gross anatomy.

The AIAS seeks to promote and broaden the range of skills and talents of its members; to provide a positive image of the Institute and of those engaged in these activities.

Our Aim

The Aims of the Institute are to foster the advancement of knowledge and skills of those people engaged in the preparation and delivery of education specifically in the field of anatomy. The membership encompasses people employed in the technical, administrative, academic and other support roles of the education programs in universities, tertiary education institutes and anatomical museum display centers as well as associated organisations involved with education and research. The AIAS conducts an annual conference where members are encouraged to present scientific, technical and administrative papers outlining advancements and/or proposed developments in the support and delivery of anatomical education.

Some of the tasks carried out by members of AIAS include coordination of Body Donor Programs, embalming of deceased Body Donors, preparation of anatomical teaching material, preparation of education display material for access by students and/or external visitors.

The AIAS welcomes people engaged in activities associated with anatomical education and research to apply for membership and contribute to the wealth of knowledge and skills already present in our membership network.

For information regarding membership please see our Membership page.

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